Drow Psion


He is a good Drow. Born the 4th son to Kraya of the House of Krahn. He was set to be sacrificed to Lolth. Before this happened, he escaped to Peynol and married an Eladrin woman. He is the father of Petorin and the grandfather of Quinessa and Jordette. His ghost led the party to the Ice Palace where they resurrected him.

He fled Peynol after Brethana’s parents were killed to escape persecution and death. He was killed by Drow when he and Jordette were running away. He is a Psion, just like his granddaughter, Jordette. He can read and control people’s minds. He can speak telepathically.

He and Jordette disguise themselves as Eladrin so nobody (Drow or otherwise) recognizes them. He calls himself Dorn.

He originally broke the mirror in Grakul’s keep and stole the mirror shards long ago (hundreds of years). They have been missing ever since.



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