Drow Priestess


She is a good Drow Psion who was framed by Quinessa for Brethan’s parents’ deaths. She fled Peynol to escape persecution and death. She was forced into Drow society by Quinessa and Kraya against her will. She was entrusted to put the mirror shard in the Fey help the chanters open the portal to the Abyss. She stole it.

She is a very powerful Psion, just like her grandfather, Mikhail. She can read and control people’s minds. She can speak telepathically. She fled Drow society (and stole the mirror shard) after they gave her the task of having Archmage Cruban kill himself. She was to control his mind so as to make it look like he went crazy, then kill himself.

She and Mikhail hid in the arctic wilderness of Falenshire. They were trying to escape the Drow when her grandfather was killed. She saved his body and brought him to the Ice Palace in hopes that he would be risen one day and fight the Drow with her. She stole the mirror shard to prevent the Drow from being able to open the portal to the Abyss. She hid it with the only creature who helped her upon her escape, Rhaego, hiding near the Lydel Monastery.

She and Mikhail disguise themselves as Eladrin so nobody (Drow or otherwise) recognizes them. She calls herself Leado and he calls himself Dorn.



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