Battle Over Kanella

Vampires 6/2/12

Vampires, Lydel Monastery, Stelville

The group finished their business in the Lydel Monastery. Alcor Xin pledged his path to the lost Dragon Chalice of Bahamut. When their wizard, Samuel Barrette, went to find a library, he was smacked in the had by an orc and carried away. The group found his possessions on the ground with a tiny fellow collecting them; his name is Kierken McLaughlin, a gnome with sticky fingers. He joins their party.

On the group’s way to Stelville, the Vampire cult, and the Orc hoard who kidnapped their friend, the group encounters a few mysterious things. First, they encountered a ghost caravan with the lead merchant being one that Renard recognized from Stelville (his hometown). They also met a traveling Revenant who was infinitely looking for a person named Dorin. The only information they got from the man was that Dorin killed him and was working for higher masters. They also helped a hurt merchant fix his carriage and he gave Renard a gift for curing his wound. Alcor bought something from him too.

They found the Orc tracks leading to the cave of the Vampires. They entered into a room with 3 skeletons in the poses of “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” They entered down the path of “speak no evil” where they all lost the ability to speak. They fought a Lich and his minions and solved a riddle laid out by a sphinx. They left the session when they couldn’t figure out how to get past the sphinx’s door. He had a message: “like the tongue, the knife cuts without drawing blood.”



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