Battle Over Kanella

Past Adventures

Kanella, Cruban, Brethana, Petorin, Drow, ship, Peynol, Feywild, arctic, Falenshire, ice palace

The group started off the campaign in the capitol city of Kanella. They heard that “the council” was meeting. This only happens once very 40 years. They recovered a stolen horse that caught the approval of Mage Brethana. She asked them to be her escorts back to her city in the rainforest, Halenshire. They agreed. On the way back, Brethana was kidnapped by demons. They rescued her from a dungeon. This is the first time the group met Quinon and saw the symbol of Lolth and a secret society (even though they didn’t know what it meant yet). They returned Brethana to her keep in Halenshire successfully.

Brethana then sent them on a quest to retrieve something small and broken from Charn. This thing would help identify the symbol and the danger behind it. The party went to Raven’s Point to obtain underwater gear. In Raven’s Point, they met a wizard who was told of their arrival. He gave them gear and sent them on a boat with a captain, Pru, to Charn.

In Charn, they attended a boisterous party thrown by Mage Belril. He met with them the next day to discuss where this small, broken object might be. He told them of a sunken ship that was rumored to be haunted because the only living survivor was the captain. The group left and found some mermaids to lead them to the ship.

In the ship, they fought some skeletons, angels, and wights to find what they discovered was a broken mirror shard. In the ship, they met a dark figure who remained invisible thanks to his cloud of darkness. He did not say his name or what he was doing there. He wanted to know what they wanted and who had sent them.

The group returned to Raven’s Point where they gave the mirror shard to the wizard they had previously met (per Brethana’s instructions). They found him a bit odd this time around. He gave the shard back after conferencing with Brethana and Cruban. The group went to Kanella to hand the shard to AM Cruban. He told them it was a fake and that the wizard they met was a doppleganger and stole the real shard. There was a party for Mage Zanmorn of the desert region. Samuel met his old headmaster during the festivities. He told Sam that his old school was under siege by evil doers and asked for his help. The group then went to save the school and recover the shard, which was thought could be there.

In the school, they discovered many illusions at work, each section detailing the weather of a certain region of the world. They met a few Drow with whom they made a pack. The Drow would give them the mirror shard if the group convinced Petorin, Brethana, and Cruban to release their priestess, whom they claim was captured under false pretenses. They met the Tiefling Warlock, Quinon, again at the end of the trials. After they defeated the end enemy, they were transported into a Vampire lair where they stopped a ritual, found the mirror shard, and rescued the student body.

They returned the real mirror shard to AM Cruban in Kanella. Cruban then sent them to Peynol to retrieve another piece of the broken mirror, where the Drow prisoner was being held in Mage Petorin’s keep. Brethana went with them. Petorin leads them to the captured Drow priestess, Kraya, and asks that they get information from her. She tells the group that she was sent to the Feywild to hide 1 of 2 mirror shard pieces. She was lying (they find that out later). She tells them where it is located in the Feywild.

The group battle through the Feywild to the Palace of Saladoun to find the missing mirror shard. They enter the castle and are transformed into animals and given different powers while in those forms. They fought some mummies and were given gifts from their Gods. They reached the end of the castle and stopped a ritual that would have opened a portal to the Abyss. They went through a portal which led them back to Peynol.

Instantly, they hear screams and see a delegation of Drow approaching the keep. They demand the release of their priestess. It is discovered that the leader of the delegation is 1 of 2 of Petorin’s Drow daughters, Quinessa. The group learns the following information after talking to Petorin and Brethana:
*Petorin’s father is an escaped drow who married an Eladrin woman
*Petorin fathered 2 Drow daughters, both of whom fled the city after Brethana’s parent’s murders
*it is rumored that Petorin’s father was killed
*they think Jordette (Petorin’s other daughter) was framed by Quinessa and unwillingly forced into Drow society.
*Quinessa killed Brethana’s parents and her own Eladrin mother

Quinessa, from the Drow delegation, tells them that Jordette stole the mirror shard (and that she was really the person told to put the mirror shard in the Feywild). She tells of a rumor a woman in the city of Underlake in the swamp knows where Jordette is. The group goes to Palanthal, the capitol city of the swamp and meet with Mage Leodak. He tells them the woman they seek is a hag and to be careful. He tells them how to get there and sends them on their way (after taking payment for their visit).

The group goes to Underlake and convinces the hag to tell them where Jordette is located. She tells them that Jordette is hiding in the arctic wilderness of Falenshire. She gives them a boat and a guide to get them to the arctic shore. They find the city of Hyran and Mage Panice. He makes them do 1-1 trials to prove that they can survive the Falenshire wilderness. He says that he is the only person who can grant access to the wilderness via a portal that he creates. He says that he would not help a Drow, but if she is there, she is in the Ice Palace in the SW corner. The group goes through the portal.

Once in the wilderness, they meet a ghost who leads them to the Ice Palace for payment. He wants them to resurrect his body, which is at the Ice Palace. During the journey through the wilderness, they have to outrun an avalanche; most of them survive, but Pinecone the Pixie and Blizzard the Half-orc ran into a pack of wolves and were killed.

The rest of the group reached the Ice Palace and resurrected the ghost’s body, whom they discovered was a male Drow by the name of Mikhail. He proclaimed himself “Mikhail, born 4th son to Kraya of the House of Krahn.” He is Jordette’s grandfather and Petorin’s father. The group battles their way through the Ice Palace.



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