Battle Over Kanella


Vampire lair, Stelville, Quinon

The group figured out the Sphinx’s door puzzle: they had to cut their hands to weaken themselves before entering. They found a room with 2 cages: 1 for humans and 1 for humans turned into vampires. There were enemies in the room, which the group defeated. They freed the prisoners, who seemed very wary of Renard Montenegro. The group found a drider statue in the chest.

The group left the cave to search for Samuel Barette. They found what was left of him at the Orc camp behind the cave. They had dismembered him.

They then went into the hallway of “hear no evil.” They proceeded through to a room with a boneclaw and some vampires. Their new companion, Kierkan, one-shot the boneclaw and they took the fight handily. They found a ruby etched with the symbol of Lolth.

They entered the “see no evil” hallway. They fought some undead enemies in a crypt then proceded to the next room where they disabled the tapestry/spectral tendrils trap. They heard some people in a pit in the next room (figuring they were vampires) and left them in the pit. They did not fall in, but instead found a letter that detailed a bit about the vampire/werewolf rebellion and a silver idol in the shape of a symbol.

They placed all 3 collected items in the area next to the main locked door. The door unlocked. Inside, they found Quinon, 2 Drow, and a Vampire lord. Quinon set the room on fire and pushed the group into the fire; the party bested the enemies (with a little help from the sun). Sierra found her sister recently buried to be resurrected as a vampire. Sierra chopped off her sister’s head to prevent the Vampire rising inside her. She took the body and head with her to resurrect her sister later. Amnon made an undead slave out of one of the dead Drow.

They followed the path leading out of the Vampire lair and found a skeletal mount and 2 griffons. They rode/flew them to the city of Stelville, where Sierra was able to resurrect her sister. She bought 5000 religion components at a magic shop and had the lead cleric, Dorcen, perform the ritual. Kierkan tried to rob that magic shop, but was spotted. He posed as a hobo and got away unscathed. Amnon did his magic sand thing and was able to sneak into the magic shop to steal from the shopkeeper. He got away before the shopkeeper could catch him.



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