Battle Over Kanella


Ice palace, Jordette, Mikhail, drow

The group finished battling their way through the ice palace. They saved an Eladrin Warlock from his prison in a secret hole. His name is Amnon. After they fought a dragon with 3 beams of differing abilities, they walked through a door and found an Eladrin woman in the next room stirring a potion. They discovered that woman was the Drow daughter, Jordette, in disguise so the Drow would not find her. She calls herself Leado when in her Eladrin form. Mikhail (after drinking the potion she has concocted to disguise himself as an Eladrin) calls himself Dorn.

Jordette tells the group that she did steal the mirror shard from the Feywild and hid it. It is with someone who helped her escape, Rhaego of the Lydel Monastery. The group eventually goes to find this person to retrieve the mirror shard.

Jordette says that she took the shard so that the Drow could not open the portal to the Abyss from the Feywild. She informs them that there is another portal in The Unknown world though. She tells them that there are indeed 4 mirror shards, not 2 as the Drow prisoner, Kraya, informed them. When all 4 mirror shards are combined, a portal opens between the Volcanic region from Grakul’s keep and The Unknown region. It is the only way to get to Rincon to destroy him and the portal to the Abyss. The 4 shards are in the following places: Jordette via Rhaego, Archmage Cruban, Mikhail originally smashed the mirror and took a piece to hide, and Grakul has the 4th shard.

The group learns that Kraya is Mikhail, Grakul, and Rincon’s mother; she is Petorin’s grandmother and Jordette and Quinessa’s great-grandmother. She rules the Drow and uses Grakul and Rincon as pawns in her plot to please the Spider Queen. Rincon rules The Unknown and Grakul rules the Volcanic region.

Jordette also informs the group that she and Mikhail are very powerful psions who can read and control people’s minds. They communicate telepathically. She fled the Drow because they wanted her to make Archmage Cruban kill himself. She refused.

After returning to Peynol, Mage Petorin is forced to release his prisoner, the powerful and high-ranking Drow priestess, Kraya. Mage Petorin then informs the group of another threat to the capitol city, Kanella. He states that 2 factions, 1 vampiric and 1 lycanthrope, plan to combine forces and overrun the capitol. He asks them to stop the 2 factions taking over. He states that the vampires are congregating near Stelville in the mountain region. The Lycanthrope are forming their brigade in the rainforest region. The group then goes to the Lydel Monastery to speak with Rhaego. They learn that Rhaego has been kidnapped, most likely to the Volcanic region. They are about to leave to silence the vampires in Stelville before continuing onward to the volcanic region to find Rhaego.



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